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Because when we teach, we teach with love, therefore making every Student at ease with the beauty of learning and knowledge. The prestigiousteam of our school has come together with the mantra of student centric approach whether it is in academics or in extracurricular activities. Raghavendra's Little Hans English Medium School is a first of its kind to lay foundation to the educational excellence with an emphasis on modern development of students and society and to impart skill. based education so as to develop intellectual social compassionate citizens.

Our Unique Programms and Teaching Methodologies

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Be the most popular and reliable global player in elevating education to the next level. Create stress-free learning to make learning fun and enjoyable. Create hands-on learning experiences to make understanding concepts easy. Solve real-world issues.


To provide innovative educational concepts and products that help children, young adults and individuals perform to their potential. We are driven by passion to innovate and passion to excel.


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Turns math fear into joy. Improve skills in measuring, recording, organizing, and analyzing data. Develops active learning skills and critical thinking. Takes science to the next level. Increases focus, visualization, inspiration, memorization, and information processing skills. Develops critical thinking, research project analysis, and other critical skills.


Math & Science Labs (Portable & Micro-scale Labs)

Math is known as “The Mother of All Sciences” but it has always caused fear among kids. We have designed India’s first Math lab that turns math fear into joy by bringing the fun aspect into learning. Math lab helps students to learn even the toughest of Math problems by using a wide range of objects & interesting concepts linked to everyday life. Easily understand, remember & apply. Math Lab develops speed & accuracy in students by sharpening their mind and improving their mental agility and intelligence. Most importantly, Math which is usually an abstract subject is made fun and easy. In most of the schools, Math, which is the most important subject in the education system, is not taught in a practical manner using lab equipment. A child can easily learn elementary concepts through practical knowledge of mathematical proofs using equipment. Our state-of-the-art math manipulative gives hands-on experience and strengthens the conceptual level of math skills.

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We promise to provide an exciting and engaging learning experience for students