About Us

About Us

Welcome to Raghavendra's Little Hans English Medium School

Because when we teach, we teach with love, therefore making every student at ease with the beauty of learning and knowledge. The prestigiousteam of our school has come together with the mantra of student centric approach whether it is in academics or in extracurricular activities. Raghavendra's Little Hans English Medium School is a first of its kind to lay foundation to the educational excellence with an emphasis on modern development of students and society and to impart skilled based education so as to develop intellectual social compassionate citizens. In addition to developing excellent theoretical and practical knowledge, the students are motivated not only to dream big but also encouraged to think unconventionally to face the challenges of the future and provide platform for the students to become global leaders. As famously said "Don't wait for the perfect moment take the moment and make it perfect!" We prepare our students to make the best out of the opportunity. Keeping our vision and mission of the institution, we believe in IMAGINE-INVENT-INSPIRE... in the making of dynamic individuals in the society.

Strong curriculum

Activity-based curriculum enabling concrete to abstract learning in a structured learning environment with well-defined and advanced learning outcomes. I-X topics have been introduced from text books of various national and international curriculums such as various State Boards, CBSE, ICSE, IB and IGCSE and presented in a graded manner spanning over the entire program. It enables the student to be academically competent and well equipped to face the rigors of scientific thought and approach required for senior secondary or intermediate levels with special attention to IIT-JEE, BITSAT, KVPY, NEET, AIIMS, AIPMT, SAT etc. Curriculum is The comprehensive learning Program which blend of study material, assisted learning, backed by detailed explanations through our digital learning, virtual classes, online tests and individual student evaluation and assessment tools with AR technology.


We promise to provide an exciting and engaging learning experience for students


We believe in experimental & experiential learning.

Sports and Relaxation

We have the most spacious campus with play ground in its vicinity which cannot be found in other organizations. Sports develop discipline, Competitive spirit, self esteem and the want for success for which will benefit our students to fight and overcome the mental and physical stress. We encourage our students to take up sports and meditation programs like yoga to keep the students mind fresh and relaxed all time for better performance. Students can take part in any sport and improve in it under the watchful eyes of qualified coaches.

Admission process:

Applicant should come with parents carrying documents below & need to fill application details in school.

Admission requirements:

Student aadhar card,DOB Certificate Xerox Copy

Father&mother Aadhar card Xerox Copy

Processing fee:


“I am extremely happy that The Ragahvendra’s Group has added an Institution of creative and innovative learning to Jannaram that provides an avenue for young minds to experience holistic and all round development.”

Sri Erra Chandra Shekar

Chairman of RLHEMS & ZPTC


“Our school has a nurturing environment where young minds are moulded to create a positive influence on society.”

Sri Erra Sampath



“A stress free mind can do anything efficient and see nothing but great results.”

Your kids are moulded into the best students at there academics besides becoming best citizens of tomorrow’s world. Everything your children need to be idols of worship in future and our extravagant campus with high aspiring teachers of excellent teaching skills are always ready to there job for the kids. We believe that future of children not only lies in their academics but also in their daily drive of joy and also the energy of sports. Raghavendra Little Hans High School has everything your kids want. Like advanced Science Lab, Well Equipped Computer Lab and all in all a wide range of books available in Library. Library isn’t everything so there is a Huge Play area, one for Nursery students and the other for growing little knights who will light up the knights. We have many achievements on schools name in such sports as Kho Kho, Karate with guided coaches. All the things in the schools exhaust a child so they have little strolls and walks around the School Garden specially build for students. Students never miss their creative side either with many recreative activities such as talks, interactions and Dances. The future of your child lies in their lifestyle and a well established routine which our school provides for your child.

Sri Adulapuram Sreenivas,

M.Sc. B.Ed, Principal

Our School is Powered by FeePad for Digitization:

RAGHAVENDRA’S LITTLE HANS ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL is a FeePad associated school which help us to deliver next gen education through the most updates digital ecosystem and latest of content. FeePad supports us with critical automation in school management, result improvement, provide flexible payment options including interest free EMIs and above all excellent visibility across all our school network. Parents and teachers are closer than ever with critical communication flow very freely and promptly. Child safety is ensured through the tracking of attendance, vehicle live locations and residential campus security systems.